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Thomas Chilcott
Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:33pm

I have received an enquiry about one Thomas Chilcott, b.c1698, and became organist of Bath Abbey. Apparently some of his music has survived, and my enquirer wants to know if there is any in the WG genre. Here is a quote from her email:

"There were Chilcotts in a village my family came from. And I came across a reference to the music in a church in this area being played by the band who had been playing in the pub the night before, rather to the disgust of the vicar. I am not sure they were entirely sober the next morning."

... a familiar tale!

    • Thomas Chilcot
      Ros Clements, Wed Aug 28 8:17am
      There is a biography &c. of Thomas Chilcot on Wikipedia, and several other sources of information about his music and his association with other notable musicians in Bath. One of his pupils was... more
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