Ros Clements
Burgiss 'A Hymn for Christmas Day'
Sun Sep 22, 2019 12:45pm

In a set of choir books from St. Bartholomew, Horley Parish Church, Surrey is a setting of 'A Hymn for Christmas Day' attributed to 'Burgiss'. There are several other pieces by William Burgiss in the collection, which can be found in his published books, but no sign of this particular piece.

The setting starts with a symphony, then the verse, Long Metre, for two sopranos & instrumental bass, followed by a four-part chorus in metre. Unfortunately, only the first verse is underlaid.

All hail and praise this sacred morn,
Behold the Son of God is born;
Sweet joyful hallelujah sing
To Jesus Christ our heav'nly King.

Chor: How joyful such tidings now let us rejoice,
And praise our creator with heart and with voice;
To our great creator soft hymns let us sing,
All glory and praise to Christ Jesus our King.

The first line does not appear in Rollo Woods' Carol Index; Has anyone seen this set of words elsewhere in print or manuscript?

Many thanks.

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