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Paradise / Sides
Sat Oct 24, 2009 00:23

I'll make this as short as possible. In 1975, I buy "The Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer album. One song, "Paradise/Sides" by Dan Hartman, hit me hard. It is still my favorite song.I'm 54 years old, started playing the guitar at 53 (not very good, YET.)I have searched and searched for a tabilture or chords for this song(s) to no avail. Can anyone help? I want to play these songs as a tribute to Dan.

Also delightfully surprised to read Dan has family in Pennsylvannia. I live in Williamsport.

    • Paradise/SidesDebra Miller, Sat Oct 24 22:14
      Greetings from Florida, Scott! I've sang in bands most of my life, and I feel your pain in finding tabs for older songs that were album cuts. First, I would e-mail Edgar Winter or Rick Derringer's... more
    • Paradise/SidesGeoff, Sat Oct 24 15:34
      Hey,Scott, I'm going to check things out for you.Hopefully,I'll get back to you with those chords soon.Living near Liverpool myself,just "down the road". Peace,Geoff
      • Thank you Geoffcowboy4254, Sun Oct 25 15:09
        I sincerely appreciate your effort. More people need to hear the message Dan composed and I intend to do my part.
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