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Debra Miller
Sat Oct 24, 2009 22:14

Greetings from Florida, Scott! I've sang in bands most of my life, and I feel your pain in finding tabs for older songs that were album cuts. First, I would e-mail Edgar Winter or Rick Derringer's websites and ask them if there was ever a sheet-music book published for that album, or, get in touch with the largest retailer of sheet music in your area (one that sells not just pop/rock; one with a database they can search).

Also, ask Edgar or Rick's websites as to what company had the publishing rights (Warner Bros., Cherry Lane Music, etc.) to the music of that album. If there was ever a "songbook" published for that album, someone may be selling it on EBay.

When all else fails, though, you may be able to find a guitar instructor nearby who can write out the tabliture for you. You'd probably have to pay him, but it shouldn't be outrageous! I hope this helps. The "Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer" album is one of my favorites!! You could really hear Dan coming into his own on this album. Long live the music of Dan Hartman!!


Debra Miller

  • Paradise / SidesScott Taggart, Sat Oct 24 00:23
    I'll make this as short as possible. In 1975, I buy "The Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer album. One song, "Paradise/Sides" by Dan Hartman, hit me hard. It is still my favorite song.I'm 54... more
    • Paradise/Sides — Debra Miller, Sat Oct 24 22:14
    • Paradise/SidesGeoff, Sat Oct 24 15:34
      Hey,Scott, I'm going to check things out for you.Hopefully,I'll get back to you with those chords soon.Living near Liverpool myself,just "down the road". Peace,Geoff
      • Thank you Geoffcowboy4254, Sun Oct 25 15:09
        I sincerely appreciate your effort. More people need to hear the message Dan composed and I intend to do my part.
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