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Time Magazine Article
Sun May 9, 2010 19:57

I was just listening to 'I can dream about you' and thought I'd go cruising the net to read up on Dan. Nice to know there's a web site up for him so his fans can reminisce etc.

I knew he was in Edgar Winter's band and 'They Only Come Out At Night' was one of my favorite albums as a kid. What drew my focus to Dan though was a Time magazine article about him in, I dunno...'74 maybe? Anyway, it talked about how he was one of the first musicians to use a wireless guitar. As I recall, he wore a silver space suit that the guitar 'plugged' into, and then he played wirelessly. The article went on to talk about how he could do flips on stage and other gymnastics. I dunno, it was a cool article and he was on the forefront of using emerging technologies for live performances. I'd would have loved to have been blown away by one of their shows.

I know he's been gone a while now, but my condolences to his family. He sounds like he was a really nice guy.


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