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Fri Apr 15, 2011 04:12

Hello,I remember hearing "I can dream about you" and have always thought it was a unique song.I do respect Dan Hartman for all he stood for.I did not know he was a gay man,but that does'nt matter.He was a excellent musician,producer,performer.The man also had legs and could dance.I know him and Tina Turner got along for sure!I wished I could have met him as he was a very kind soul as noted from all the writings listed.This site is a proud tribute to the man and I am glad I found it.I am a avid music lover and I love his music as well.Hopefully one day they will release the "Witeboy" project.I hope Dan is looking down on this site and is proud!

    • Re: helloAnonymous, Sun Apr 17 22:58
      I love Dan Hartman!
      • Dan Hartman fanannmarie smith, Tue Apr 19 18:58
        It didnt matter to me either that he was a gay man. I just loved his music
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