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"Images" album on CD, finally
Tue Oct 18, 2011 09:25

Dan's first solo album "Images" will be reissued first tine on CD, from Sony Music Japan.

    • Images on CDJonathan Creaser, Thu Dec 8 12:30
      Just had an email from Amazon to say that they can no longer fulfil my order!!
      • Images on CDsekirara21, Thu Dec 8 13:53
        Too bad... The CD actually on the shelf here in Japan. You may try here...... more
        • Images on CDJonathan Creaser, Thu Dec 8 16:46
          Thank you!! I'll give it a try :-)
    • Re: "Images" album on CD, finallyAnonymous, Wed Oct 19 15:49
      Thank you so much for the information on Dans' first solo record. It is beyond me why Sony has not released Dans' catalog or even an Anthology of his solo work. Great news and hopefully "It Hurts To... more
      • Great to hear!Geoffrey Sonnen, Thu Oct 27 18:44
        Glad to hear that they are finally releasing "Images"! Thanks for the notification!
    • Images on CDJonathan Creaser, Wed Oct 19 10:24
      Fantastic news!
      • Dan's CDDeano, Sat Oct 22 23:32
        So glad to hear that "Images" is now on CD! Deano
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