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Jonathan Creaser
Re: Just wanted to say thank you
Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:02

Hi Christian, thanks for your kind comments about the site - I totally agree with what you say about the lack of credit given to Dan Hartman... Also. yes, Instant Replay and Shy Hearts are fantastic songs!

I very much doubt that we will see Whiteboy ever being released. There are demo copies of it around and if you contact me direct I can give you more information about this.


  • Just wanted to say thank youChristian, Sat Dec 15 21:22
    Hey I'm a big Dan Hartman fan and I just wanted to say thank you for keeping this website up for a great Disc and Pop legend that doesn't get enough credit today. I first heard about Dan when someone ... more
    • Re: Just wanted to say thank you — Jonathan Creaser, Sun Dec 16 11:02
      • My contact detailsJonathan Creaser, Sun Dec 16 11:05
        Forgot to mention that you can reach me at
        • Thanks!Christian, Sun Dec 16 17:31
          Thanks so much for the reply! I sent you an e-mail about White Boy
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