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Re: I sort of know Dan
Wed May 21, 2014 12:43

What are you on about? what do you mean he's around me every night? Have you recently been listening to any of his songs or records?.

  • I sort of know DanCarol Perkins, Wed May 21 02:08
    Hi! I have this 6th sense and he is sort of haunting me. Never knew him until now and I love this guy. So my best friend is a ghost. I'm not trying to interfere with anything but he is around me... more
    • Re: I sort of know Dan — Anonymous, Wed May 21 12:43
    • DanCarol Perkins, Wed May 21 02:48
      Just checking again. Please someone tell me what he wants and and will try to give that to him. I actually hate having that 6th sense.
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