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Dan Hartman's Home
Tue Oct 20, 2015 13:19

I met Dan many years ago through musician friends. We visited his Clinton Ave. house once by invitation. I did not know him well, but he was a nice guy and got a kick out of my southern accent. I remember us sitting in the den off of the kitchen and commented on the great view he had. I was young and not as impressed by the celebrity thing. I wish I could recall more. It was years later, and after I returned to Tennessee, that I even realized he had died about three or four years after my visit, and in that very house. I have more of a appreciation now as I've gotten older.


    • Dan's last Westport Ct home and studioDick Campbell, Wed Oct 21 16:53
      Dan's home and recording studio on Clinton Ave was #81. When he first bought it, it looked small from the road, but an addition stepped down a steep grade toward the east branch of the Saugatuck... more
      • Dan's HouseJonathan Creaser, Thu Oct 22 09:31
        Thanks Dick, sorry, although I have visited the house I didn't realise that the road was Clinton Avenue (I live in the UK!) and have always assumed that it was called Multilevel. When I visited the... more
        • 81 Clinton Ave, Dan's HouseGlenn Ellison, Fri Oct 23 17:23
          I just posted some photos of Dan's house on his Fan Page. Nice to read your post, Dick.
          • Dan HartmanAddi Audi, Sat Oct 24 16:22
            Where is Sir Daniel Hartman buried? Like to visit him next time Im in USA. Keep the fire burnin'
            • Re: Dan HartmanPeter J Buonanno, Sun Oct 25 16:03
              Hi Addi : According to Dan's family , Dan was cremated and never buried in a cematary.
              • Dan HartmanAddi Audi, Sat Nov 7 03:14
                Thank you for this. I will keep the fire burning. Love his music and his karma. Whis I could have met him once....
                • Dan HartmanAšalsteinn Aušunsson, Sat Nov 7 23:04
                  Where should I go to honor his memory? Where can I go with flowers?
                  • MemoryChezGerbz , Sun Nov 8 12:49
                    I would suggest leaving them with a note at either The Schoolhouse or Multilevel...his two Connecticut homes where he did his greatest work. Both are private property, so I would leave at the... more
      • Han's HouseAlan, Thu Oct 22 01:25
        I remember the road but couldn't call the house number. Clinton was shrouded in trees and snaked along the river as I recall. I do remember the house sat very close to the road but masked by trees.
    • Dan's Edgehill HomeChezGerbz, Wed Oct 21 14:16
      I was in Westport last month and visited Dan's former home on Edgehill Rd, nicknamed The Schoolhouse. It's now for sale at a bargain price for that area! Beautiful home, awesome lot, lighted tennis... more
    • RE: Dan Hartman's HomeJonathan Creaser, Wed Oct 21 09:27
      Hi Alan, great to hear from you. Whereabouts exactly was the Clinton Avenue house?
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