Dick Campbell
Dan's Ashes
Mon Nov 16, 2015 14:01

There are many small rivers in Connecticut with Native American names. The one behind Dan's house on Clinton Avenue in Westport is actually the Saugatuck River, (not the Aspatuck that Glen mentioned), which is the same waterway that downtown Westport is on; it flows south into Long Island Sound, which connects to the Atlantic Ocean. So there is no need to try and get behind 81 Clinton Ave. which would be quite difficult. Or if you go north past Dan's old house you come down to the river, which used to be a tranquil spot. The traffic in Westport has increased a lot since Dan lived and worked there!

On another note, Dan liked to include friends on some of his records. Twice he invited a small group of us for dinner and after dessert, had us go into the recording studio to record a track he would include on a new song. One time he asked us all to wear 'boots', and we became the 'footstompers', stomping our boots on a 8'x8' plywood floor that he had layed down, at his direction, and then gave us credit on the jacket. Another time we became the 'Ugah' bunch, yelling 'Ugah Ugah' at his direction, as he recorded a track of us and again gave us credit on the album!

He was a Very Generous Friend and loved finding ways to stay in touch and share a little of his work. Now and then he would give me a cassette of a new song he'd recorded to take home and tell him how it sounded on my cheap home player.

    • DHAddi Audi, Sat Nov 21 12:29
      Thank you. And pleeas send me more info if you can. audunsson@hotmail.com
    • Klein'sRandy Gerber, Tue Nov 17 14:01
      Awesome story Dick. Wish I'd known him better. I worked in the old record dept at Klein's and Dan would come in periodically to buy new music. I only got to know him as a customer. He was always very ... more
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