Dan's sleeping mask
Thu Aug 4, 2016 16:37

Hi Debbie, thanks for your kind comments about the website, much appreciated.

I've heard from Glenn Ellison that Dan wore the sleeping mask purely as a fashion accessory :-) There are quite a few photos (and some video) of him appearing with the mask around his neck.

Kind regards, Jonathan

  • Dan's Sleeping MaskDebbie, Thu Aug 4 03:45
    First off, this is such a great site, and tribute to Dan Hartman. I've been a fan for a while. I've wondered if anyone knows why he would wear a sleeping mask around his neck? Just curious.
    • Dan's sleeping mask — Jonathan, Thu Aug 4 16:37
      • Dan's Sleeping MaskDebbie, Thu Aug 4 17:15
        Thank you so much for the reply Jonathan, I figured that it must have been a part of his style :). I was 12 when "I can dream about you" came out, and now being 43 it saddens me even more that Dan's... more
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