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Wolfman Director Joe Johnston
Wed Feb 10, 2010 20:37

How important is music to a film like this?

I think it's extremely important. Because the trailer was so successful when it came out, someone in charge at Universal said, "Why don't we try that kind of score for the entire film?" Danny Elfman had scored a much longer version of the film; there was about 35 minutes more. We continued to cut the movie though. When we put Danny's music with the shorter cut, the themes were much closer together and it started to feel repetitive. It wasn't working as well as we'd hoped, so there was this notion that we should try this electronic score. We did, and it didn't work. We went back to Danny Elfman's stuff and recorded 15 minutes of new music for the movie. It pointed out to everyone how important the music is to the picture.

Do you feel like the music can increase the intensity?

Absolutely, and the parts of the movie that don't have music can create intensity too. Music is so amazing. You can do anything with it. You can edit it the way you can edit the picture. You can stretch it, shrink it and chop it up. A good music editor can create a completely different score out of raw material.

It's almost like a Bernard Hermann score.

Danny was very conscious of the kind of movie he was scoring. He knew that there were elements of a classic gothic horror film in this. He needed to do something that would support that and not feel out of context. I think he did an amazing job.

  • Rotten: Do you mind talking about the back and forth about the score? Elfman is back and I thought that worked out for the best. Johnston: It does. Danny had to score a film that was half an hour... more
    • Wolfman Director Joe Johnston — reza, Wed Feb 10 20:37
      • Re: Wolfman Director Joe JohnstonBlunt, Tue Feb 23 03:07
        Getting very dizzy with this. Had wondered why Elfman's soundtrack CD remained on Amazon. Still waiting for delivery. Film reviews here are mostly poor. Anyone seen it yet? Blunt
        • Re: Wolfman Director Joe JohnstonThor, Tue Feb 23 07:18
          Yes, I have. It's a rather lackluster film which could have been so much better (I think) if Mark Romanek had been kept on as director. But Elfman's score is good, albeit a bit noisy. It's mixed very ... more
          • First thoughts on CDBlunt, Sat Feb 27 12:01
            Not going to be able to see it until midweek but have the CD now. VERY Kilar, a touch of Zimmer (think The Ring ), a splash of Sleepy Hollow . Nothing wrong, but Thur's right - it's loud. And it's... more
            • Allice/Wolf dilemmaBlunt, Sun Mar 7 09:58
              Not seeing Alice until late in the week. Been listening to both scores. As much as I admire The Wolfman , Alice just checks too many Elfman boxes. Too darn catchy I forgive any sin. But just can't... more
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