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First thoughts on CD
Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:01

Not going to be able to see it until midweek but have the CD now. VERY Kilar, a touch of Zimmer (think The Ring), a splash of Sleepy Hollow. Nothing wrong, but Thur's right - it's loud. And it's loud. And it' still loud. I assume the film required it but the soundworld is very limited (all strings, little wind and just horns for brass; chorus sparingly used; percussion on average scale, i.e. not a Planet of the Apes gig) and the pace only slackens a few times: just not enough contrast for the full hour on disc. A shame, because what's there is good solid stuff. Elfman seems to have got the nack of good but not too Elfmanish blockbuster scoring - Terminator Salvation anyone? - but it's kindof disappointing. Anyone else prefer carcrash film scoring?

  • Re: Wolfman Director Joe JohnstonThor, Tue Feb 23 07:18
    Yes, I have. It's a rather lackluster film which could have been so much better (I think) if Mark Romanek had been kept on as director. But Elfman's score is good, albeit a bit noisy. It's mixed very ... more
    • First thoughts on CD — Blunt, Sat Feb 27 12:01
      • Allice/Wolf dilemmaBlunt, Sun Mar 7 09:58
        Not seeing Alice until late in the week. Been listening to both scores. As much as I admire The Wolfman , Alice just checks too many Elfman boxes. Too darn catchy I forgive any sin. But just can't... more
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