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  • Interview: Danny Elfmanreza, Thu Mar 4 09:49
    • The Sounds of Wonderland — reza, Thu Mar 4 16:44
      • I couldn't find pictures of Elfman in that session?
        • Wow!Blunt, Sun Mar 7 04:37
          That's one huge orchestra. Have heard the soundtrack (as download - CD still unreleased here so I'm lacking those liner notes) but still waiting for the film to be released. On my 3rd listen as I... more
          • Another onereza, Tue Mar 9 02:20
            Hehe sure, this is another one, it has been posted there for days (weeks?)
          • (now archived)B, Sun Mar 7 09:54
            Everything linked to this thread except the video interview. Thanks!
            • Audio interviewreza, Tue Mar 9 23:14
              Heheh I was going to post this one this morning, but couldn't because I had to catch a plane. Ah well, here's the link:
              • Transcriptionreza, Wed Mar 10 09:37
                • Seen Alice...Blunt, Fri Mar 12 04:18
                  Letting the review stew. Still waiting for CD to check the notes. Really enjoyed the film - a very different beast to the books, but I wonder how much sense it makes without a slight knowledge of... more
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