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Sun Mar 7, 2010 04:37

That's one huge orchestra. Have heard the soundtrack (as download - CD still unreleased here so I'm lacking those liner notes) but still waiting for the film to be released. On my 3rd listen as I never trust my first impressions of Elfman scores. The first is always the worst as I pick out every stylistic tic that reminds me of another score. For Alice it was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Serenada (still mining that project for gold! will someone commission a new orchestral work? it seems to do him so much good) and I see now how unfair I was being. Still, they have a few things in common, not least an opening credits cue that threatens to outweigh the rest of the score. I've been singing Al-ice for 24 hours now and need a head doctor.

Keep them coming, Reza. I'll update the Archive asap so your work isn't wasted.


  • I couldn't find pictures of Elfman in that session?
    • Wow! — Blunt, Sun Mar 7 04:37
      • Another onereza, Tue Mar 9 02:20
        Hehe sure, this is another one, it has been posted there for days (weeks?)
      • (now archived)B, Sun Mar 7 09:54
        Everything linked to this thread except the video interview. Thanks!
        • Audio interviewreza, Tue Mar 9 23:14
          Heheh I was going to post this one this morning, but couldn't because I had to catch a plane. Ah well, here's the link:
          • Transcriptionreza, Wed Mar 10 09:37
            • Seen Alice...Blunt, Fri Mar 12 04:18
              Letting the review stew. Still waiting for CD to check the notes. Really enjoyed the film - a very different beast to the books, but I wonder how much sense it makes without a slight knowledge of... more
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