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Having fun listening to other scores...
Thu Jul 22, 2010 06:57

Listened to a few scores recently. Splice had a few quirks but I've forgotten it already; Powell's score for Knight and Day (or was it Day and Knight?) split the difference between Mr & Mrs Smith and Jumper and turned out serviceable but with no surprises; Zimmer's Inception is most repeated so far since although it occasionally runs a little on synth sound design as The Dark Night could, it also delivers some of his trademark awesome enhanced brass chorales that make me know I'll be watching this film from a front seat; Rabin's music doesn't often strike me as very original, and Sorcerer's Apprentice sounds reminiscent of past scores, most recently Witch Mountain, and the Dukas lifts are cheap references; what's wrong with Twilight? loved the first film and its music but films 2 and 3 keep too close to the source material (very bad decision), so Howard Shore's at times Lord of the Rings scale scoring doesn't always fit with small scale skirmish and Buffy/Angel-like flashback, and the headlining "Jacob's theme" is completely out of character (he's mean't to be passionate and spirited, not melancoly); also saw Shrek 4 but didn't really twig with the music as I was too busy chanting "show me the raw" in my head. IMDb makes it sound like Elfman's work is done or 2010 releases (like Forbidden Zone 2 will ever get finished!) so having fun filling my time. Any comments? I realise only having seen a couple of these on film doesn't make me the expert!

    • Nice reviews...Nate U, Fri Aug 13 13:27
      Its been AGES since I visited this site, but I was an ocasional poster about 8 years ago. I was a friend of The Texas Ranger. Has that old phantom stomped around these parts recently? Anyway, I read... more
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