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Thu Oct 7, 2010 20:15

ooh, tell me which country you are? $ 500, where I can buy? please!

  • I guess Elfman and Burton are doing a boxed set!yeahbuddymcfly, Tue Aug 3 18:29
    It looks like it's going to have all 25 years of stuff!
    • The walletBlunt, Fri Dec 10 07:18
      ... is empty. Perhaps if we ask nicely they'll let us club together and buy the USB key? Blunt (planning to spend a few days sorting out the mess this site has gotten in to while he was away)
      • Re: The walletBlunt, Fri Dec 10 09:30
        Anyone know the difference between the Limited Edition and the Music Box?
        • The difference9FingeredElf, Sat Dec 11 00:38
          The only difference is that the limited edition comes with a certificate of authenticity. One perk through ordering the limited edition through the Warner Brothers website was since it didn't come... more
          • USB heavenBlunt, Thu May 26 12:33
            A curator at work ( offered to get a limited edition box a while back. Delays from China, and the result was a little disappointing: the box is sort of MDF with a covering which isn't properly... more
    • please !!nia sosa, Thu Oct 7 20:22
      I have a doubt in the pre order page asks me for a coupon code? What I can do? Thanks!
    • wow — nia sosa, Thu Oct 7 20:15
    • Burton/ElfmanRiley, Mon Sep 13 12:00
      Yeah you can sign up for more information on that site and I guess you can start pre-orders at the end of this week or something. I don't know. Looks cool though.
    • Elfman/Burton Collectors SetYTMan15, Tue Aug 3 19:34
      Join the newsletter that discusses Tim Burton and Danny Elfman’s 25th Anniversary Music Box Set at . See the commercial at .
      • It has been announcedreza, Thu Sep 30 07:30
        Wow... the price..
        • Yikes!SFT, Fri Oct 1 09:19
          Wow, yeah....500 dollars? My God; I simply cannot afford this... :-(
          • I've got it!SFT, Fri Oct 1 09:27
            Let's put our cash together and buy one! We can make copies for each other and take turns keeping the original box! ;-)
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