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Crimson Angel
Fanpop Danny Elfman & Oingo Boingo Spots
Fri Oct 22, 2010 15:43

"Greetings all Danny Elfman fans there is a site called fanpop, where you join clubs about stuff you like and chat with people who like what you like. There is a Danny Elfman spot & an Oingo Boingo spot. Danny's spot only has 672 fan and Oingo Boingo only has 40 fan. We need more fan for the spot and we need to tell everybody on fanpop about Danny and his band. My friend pumpkinqueen wanted me to post this on this site. So more Danny and Oingo Boingo fans can join the spots. She wanted to join this site. But her parents said she is a member of to many sites already. Here is the link to fanpop and here is the link to pumpkinqueen's profile I hope you join fanpop and meet a lot of new friends. If you need any help about fanpop just ask pumpkinqueen she well be happy to help :)"

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