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Re: The next three days...
Tue Nov 23, 2010 23:14

It's going to be played this week or next week in my country, I think. The press release from Silva is quite interesting:

Silva Screen is set to release Danny Elfman’s impressive piano-led score to director Paul Haggis’s tense thriller, starring Russell Crowe.

Piano-led score :)

On another thing, I listened to samples in, they are beautiful but when I watched the movie, it didn't really grab me. Will it be like that for me for the Next Three Days.. hope not.

Daniel Schweiger in Film Music Magazine gave it a good review.

  • The next three days...Blunt, Tue Nov 23 07:47
    Hi, web updates not gone too well this year (and I seem to have missed my payment to get rid of board ads). Has anyone seen The Next Three Days yet? The UK doesn't get it until the new year. The... more
    • Re: The next three days... — reza, Tue Nov 23 23:14
      • Re: The next three days...Blunt, Fri Dec 10 09:25
        My reaction exactly. Desplat is a fine composer, and there are glimmers, but the Potter series of films is now gasping under the weight of its complex plotting, blue-black cinematography, editing out ... more
        • Re: The next three days...reza, Thu Dec 16 10:34
          Yeah at times the movie is quite boring.. Bits of Hulk too, "Hulk Out" the cello part (?). The music in the van scene is quite interesting and the highlight must be in the action scene. Couldn't... more
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