Thu Jun 26, 2014 17:07

Hi Pammy, thought you were dead. ;o)

Yep, somehow I still haven't stopped paying for the website but updating got unpopular with others so it's gone to seed. What I really needed was someone to pick up the site from me like I did for Tim Perrine when he moved on.

Just looked at the FB page and, yes, I recognise some names. I guess they're not dead either! Good to see there are plces to go and people to meet.

As much as I know this site is old hat and static and unupdated, I kindof have a fatherly feeling for it, and do feel there's a place for static web content (even in orange-on-black). Hey, maybe one day soon I'll break a leg, run out of episodes of The Killing to watch and get back to updating the site. First thing I'd do is dump the messageboard and chatroom in favour of links to sites like the one you posted.

Love and kisses!

  • WAKE UPPampyra, Sun Jun 8 16:37
    Hi Ian! There's a lovely little thing happening over at facebook which is bringing some of the old timers out of the woodwork. Thought you might want to check it out. Granted, it is a little more... more
    • Re: WAKE UP — Blunt, Thu Jun 26 17:07
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