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Preliminaries Item
Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:48pm (XFF:

Thanks for your reply.

I understand that some preliminary item are subject to several factor, such as cleaning, just as you have mentioned, both related to time and extent of work.

When your assess the amount of VO, we seldom certify the "additional cleaning" due to the VO works. The reason is it should be included in Preliminary item.
Actually there is additional cost for the labour and even transportation cost. But if we strictly follow the contract, no such cost should be claimed by contractor. Is that fair?

As per the scaffolding, we always allow the cost for the additional scaffolding, as it is claimed as the worked related item.

So, it is obvious that the nature of the preliminnary item will direct whether the additional cost can be claimed in VO.

My problem is who can determine the nature of preliminary item.

"Labour" is an example, consulatant may claim that this is time related item and hence no additional cost of general labour should be claimed for VO.
But on the other side, contractor will also claim that it is worked related and general labour should be claimed for every VO.

P.S. Preliminay item have stated in the Contract that covers both the Conract Works and Variaiton Work.

  • Preliminaries ItemK C Tang, Mon Feb 23 7:48pm
    I think the cost of a preliminaries item is always a mixture of fixed cost + time related cost + work related cost, but one or two of them would be more predominate for a particular preliminaries... more
    • Preliminaries Item — Eric, Mon Feb 23 8:48pm
      • Preliminaries ItemK C Tang, Tue Feb 24 7:26pm
        The idea of having a preliminaries bill is for the Contractor to price for commonly shared costs which would not vary too much in direct proportion to the costs of the other trades. The preliminaries ... more
      • Re: Preliminaries ItemAnonymous, Tue Feb 24 11:26am
        In circumstances when certain VO work cannot be recovered through BQ rates, there are ways for the Contractor to claim for reimbursement of those losses To distinguish the function/discipline of time ... more
        • Preliminaries ItemEric, Tue Feb 24 12:28pm
          Thanks for your reply. Sometimes, you do know the fact that there are extra cost, but you have to decide whether the cost should be reimbursed under Contract. For instance, you do know that most of... more
          • Re: Preliminaries ItemAnonymous, Tue Feb 24 6:09pm
            Eric WRONG Principles, 3 issues, understanding of BQ rates, build up of preliminaries and Contract precedents From which school of thought, did you come up with this idea "VO works require... more
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