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NSC's claim for additional payment
Mon Dec 5, 2011 2:24pm

Pursuant to clause 27.4(3) of SFC 2005 (With Qty), "the amount ascertained to the claim for additional payment for direct loss and/or expense incurred by the NSC shall be added to the sub-contract sum" which shall be adjusted against the prime cost sum (PC sum) under the main contract. In this connection, the Contractor would mark up the percentage of profit and overheads (say 8%) on such adjusted PC sum in the final account settlement under main contract.

a) Can we interpret that the more chances of entitlement of NSC's claims that may have, provided that such claims are not arising from the default of the Contractor, the more profits (Say 5%) may the Contractor obtain in relation to the NSC's works.

b) What is the rationale behind this scenario?

    • NSC's claim for additional paymentK C Tang, Thu Dec 15 2:33pm
      The Contractor would incur expenses and risks in managing the NSCs and should also be allowed a profit for doing so. The Contractor is allowed to price for these by means of two items, one for... more
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