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K C Tang
Analysis of Delay
Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:11pm

I am not aware of the term "the net approach". Probably, it means that extension of time would only be granted extra over the Contractor's delay. This is not the correct approach. Extension of time should still be granted for listed event occurring during the Contractor's delay.

New SFBC Clause 25.3(6) adopts the dot-on approach: "If the Architect gives an extension of time to the Contractor under clause 25.3 because of a listed event that occurs in the period of delay after the Completion Date but before the Date of Substantial Completion, he shall add this extension of time to the total of any extensions of time previously granted when fixing a new Completion Date, even though the listed event may have occurred later than the date that the Architect fixes as the new Completion Date."

In essence, if during the period of the Contractor's own delay after the currently extended Completion Date (D), a listed event lasting for X days occurs and ends on day E, extension of time should still be granted for the listed event in spite of the Contractor's prior concurrent delay, but would not be until day E, but would be for X days calculated from D, and the extended Completion Date would become D + X. X is dotted on to end of D.

K C Tang

  • Analysis of delayQS newbie, Mon Dec 5 2:23pm
    Could you please briefly describe the difference between the net approach and the dot-on approach in analyzing the delay?
    • Analysis of Delay — K C Tang, Thu Dec 15 4:11pm
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