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Pak Wan
Bill of Approximate Quantity (Remeasurement Contract)
Tue Nov 6, 2012 7:06pm

One of the reasons you would adopt a remeasurment contract is if there are large amounts of work where the accuracy of quantities is affected by actual site conditions, which can only be determined during contract administration stage (i.e. Civil Engineering Project). You may also want to share the risk on uncertain quantities between Employer and Contractor (i.e. less cost for risk built in to the tender return)

Pre-Contract: BQ preparation for remeasurement Contracts is more or less the same as preparing BQ for lump sum Contracts. Using HK Govenment approach for Civil Engineering Projects as an example, the BQ is prepared using the SMM for Civil Engineering Works. Same as if preparing BQ for lump sum Contracts for Civil Engineering Projects. The is minimal speed advantage. In fact, for remasurement contracts all the quantities would need to be carefully checks and suffcient quantities allowance included to account for uncertainty in the quantities.

Post-Contract: All quantities in the BQ are subject to remeasurement and agreement with the Contractor based on Site measurement. Hence, additional work for the QS. However, if done correctly and progressively throughout the post-contract stage, this can potential assist the quicker preparation of the Final Account.

  • Bill of Approximate QuantityStudent, Mon Nov 5 11:05pm
    Dear KC 1. Is there any benefits and impacts of using ˇ§Bills of Approximate Quantities from a QS/client/contractor view point? 2. Will QS'workload increase while using BAQ which is a remeasurement... more
    • Bill of Approximate Quantity (Remeasurement Contract) — Pak Wan, Tue Nov 6 7:06pm
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