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Re: puppies photos
Wed Nov 10, 2010 09:21

  • puppies photosmarsha - Ludwig's Doodles, Tue Nov 9 19:27
    src="" quality="high" FlashVars="ql=2&src1=" wmode="transparent" bgcolor=""... more
    • Re: puppies photos — Anonymous, Wed Nov 10 09:21
      • Re: puppies photosTina, Sat Nov 13 16:48
        Wow they are adorable, so beautiful...they look huge, is it becuase they are older and growing or because there we so few that they had more room to grow? Such a strange combo...all blondes were... more
        • PuppiesAnn, Sun Nov 14 14:37
          Tina .. I know how you can get puppies! Murphy would be happy to help! Ann
          • AnnTina, Mon Nov 15 13:55
            Hahaha...another couple months and I am sure Murphy will be having another sleep over lol....he's such a good boy, I just hope he goes home happy this time instead of being all sad like last time. In ... more
            • Re: AnnAnonymous, Sat Dec 4 09:48
              If Murphy spends time at your place, I know that he will be happy! I think that he was just sad because he had to come home. You guys must spoil him even more that we do! Hope to see the girls and... more
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