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marsha - ludwig's doodles
They are Ebony & Murphy Puppies
Mon Nov 22, 2010 21:28

One is from the last litter - the other is the first. Call me tomorrow to discuss. I should have dealt with it a while ago.

  • Re: Anyone want to share puppy sittingTina, Mon Nov 22 21:13
    ILL DO IT!!!!!
    • They are Ebony & Murphy Puppies — marsha - ludwig's doodles, Mon Nov 22 21:28
      • OppsTina, Mon Nov 29 13:35
        Sorry one week later, i check back. So sorry. I will have my mom call you tonight :) I don't care whose they are to be honest, but that is quite a bonus :D
        • Re: OppsTina, Mon Nov 29 16:44
          So my parents said yes probably, and my dad said he will call you tomorrow! :)
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