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Marsha Ludwig
We said Goodbye to My Father-In-Law Dr. Bernard Ludwig at 90
Tue Sep 18, 2012 08:56

Why do I choose to post this on my dog forum? You are my family too!

On September 16th at 9:09 pm at Mount Sinai hospital we said our final fairwell to Dr. Bernard Ludwig. A man who served his community in a way we may never see again. Dr. Ludwig was available to his patients and fellow doctors patients 24/7/365. He took part in over 20,000 deliveries at Mount Sinai Hospital, saving lives of women and newborn babies all the time. His huge hands were known for his abiltiy to stop bleeding and his intuition could pick up on things that science could not.

An intelligent man with beyond human abilities. His love and concern for all was proven over and over. His generosity for those that had no money to afford medicine was unheard of.

To try to express our gratitude and appreciation we feel for him in one page is hard.

I say thank you Zaida (Dr. Ludwig) for saving my fathers life! Dr. Ludwig found a problem at a casual dinner that could have killed my father. I remeber telling the staff at the hospital we checked my dad into how we knew the problem - just treat it immediately. Dr. Ludwig was right. Had we not known that the food was going to my fathers lungs and that the infection was bad he would have died while the hospital figured things out. (At this time Dr. Ludwig was in General Practice no longer in Gynaecology and Obstetrics). This is simply the story of one event that changed our family forever. We still had my dad and continue to. My father from that moment on would express his gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Ludwig for saving his life and a new bond was formed between the two of them.

Zaida couldn't believe how kind my father was. Zaida also had the opportunity to meet my Grandfather who passed away in 1999 at 98 years old. Zaida would repeat the story of the Jewish Pig Farmer (my grand-father)when my family still lived in Brazil (originally from Poland). How the President of Brazil visited the farm to find out who this person was. Zaida respected my father for who he was, not judging him for being an immigrant. Our families had a special bond.

I had the special opportunity to know Dr. Ludwig since 1992, 20 years now. To me personally, he encouraged me to keep on going. Never satisfying his appetite for success and telling me I can do it. Challenging me to fulfill my full potential. Encouraging my dog business, our four sons, my work for the Condominium market, opening an Art Gallery in downtown Uxbridge and more. I am deeply saddened that I will no longer be able to talk to him on the phone. This is a time when all your beliefs of the afterlife matter.

I promise to continue to work hard to impress you Zaida. I know you will watch over our family forever now and be free to work your magic. You are part of my soul and in the dna of our four sons. Your words are imprinted in my cells, I can do it.
T H I N K as you always said. This is not a coconut as you pointed to your head! Use it.

Due to the jewish holidays the funeral has been delayed. We are hoping Benjamims will be able to do the service tomorrow on Wednesday.

The family is trying to raise money for Mount Sinai Hospital to have a room in his honor. There currently is a fund set up at Mount Sinai and has been for many years.

Thank you for reading.

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