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What is P/H
Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:57am (XFF:

Can you tell me what P/H is. I have all most all of my dog OFA working on getting the lest two done.


  • Crosspost for P/H BreedersJoyce of Annabelle Doodles, Thu Feb 3 10:06am
    Hi, Could I ask breeders to list their kennel name here that do P/H on their stock? A Wallace or OFA reading WITH P/H would be a bonus, but P/H is the key. I will be looking for stud service and... more
    • What is P/H — jetnc2002, Sun Feb 13 10:57am
      • Penn Hip...Niki G (Stroodles Doodles), Sun Feb 13 11:21am
        ... another method of testing hips developed by the University of Pennsylvania.
        • Is it betterjetnc2002, Sun Feb 13 11:39am
          Thanks. I have been working with OFA for as long as I have been breeding. Is the P/H better them the OFA. I'm not happy with OFA right know. I had two dogs that came back with Exl hips and they both... more
    • I couldMaureen , Sun Feb 13 12:39am
      I would be willing to work with you, Joyce, if you were interested in one of my (limited) boys. in other words, I do OFA but would do PH if you and I were interested in working together on a... more
      • Thanks Maureen! I have madeJoyce of Annabelle Doodles, Sun Feb 13 11:42am
        a note. Your black and white Poodle is one of the cutest I have seen! He does not seem to have much ticking. Is it hidden?? :+)
        • my HarleyMaureen, Sun Feb 13 1:49pm
          hey, thanks, Joyce! Harley has more ticking than in this picture but less than my parti f3 girl, for sure. Know what the best part of Harley is? NO DILUTION! He actually came from a diluted parent... more
    • I do (nm)kathy burgess, Sat Feb 12 10:48pm
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