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not a problem in this case
Thu Mar 3, 2011 7:19pm

He just needs a page where he can post photos on line of items for sale. So... any addresses? The few I've looked at are going to be too much for him to figure out.

  • free web sitesDixie S, Thu Mar 3 6:39pm
    Most often free web sites come with tons of advertising as part price for the free web site, that is how they make their money and I have found it is not worth the free site to have to put up with... more
    • not a problem in this case — Sherry, Thu Mar 3 7:19pm
      • Vista Print?Maureen, Sat Mar 12 1:25pm
        They advertise something for free how about GoDaddy? And several have started with Homestead.
        • Re: Vista Print?Sherry, Fri Mar 18 5:52pm
          Vista Print has free business cards... I get my personal checks from them. Will check them out. And please do NOT get me started on GoDaddy. That HAS to be the WORSE website in the entire computer... more
      • Re: not a problem in this caseTracey Lee, Fri Mar 4 12:44am
        try wikispaces
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