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Urgently need puppy trauma help...crosspost
Fri Apr 1, 2011 9:30am

Haven't been around in a long time. More about that another time. Urgent problem, hope you can help. 10 month old happy go lucky miniature labradoodle flew from Washington State to Florida yesterday. Trip from Hell. Long trip anyway; hours delayed due to weather between Georgia and Florida; arrived home from airport about mid-night. {Puppy Fancy is accustomed to car rides, likes her crate previously.)
She is absolutely traumatized. After all night cowering and growling in her crate and snapping when owner tried reaching in, they took apart the crate and lifted the top off. She is walking around a little and returning to crate, still growling and snapping. [She has never snapped at anyone before. Lived inside my house, socialized] They are apartment dwellers [3rd floor] whose yard is not enclosed. They can't take her out for a calming walk or breath of fresh air because they can't attach her leash. Does anyone have ideas I can pass on? I've suggested everything I can think of to no avail. The young woman took the day off work today and is just in despair. Has my puppy been damaged irrevocably?

    • Becky, I am sorry that I didn't read this soonerJacque, Gabby Jack Ranch, Sat Apr 2 12:47am
      but I am glad to read that she is awful for her and for you and the new family too! I would still try to get the vet to give a mild sedative that she can take if she needs to for the first ... more
      • Thanks, Jacque!Becky @ Doodle Cottage, Sat Apr 2 2:16am
        They are doing better, but time will have to pass for everything to fade in her memory, I'm sure. To that end, I am still collecting ideas to help re-establish Fancy's sense of peace, optimism and... more
    • Rec'd some help, plus time helped.Becky again., Fri Apr 1 8:09pm
      Thanks anyway. Crisis averted.
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