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Becky @ Doodle Cottage
Thanks, Jacque!
Sat Apr 2, 2011 2:16am

They are doing better, but time will have to pass for everything to fade in her memory, I'm sure. To that end, I am still collecting ideas to help re-establish Fancy's sense of peace, optimism and "Let's play." I'll forward this on to Stephanie, too.

Thanks, Jacque, once again you've come through with ideas for me.

  • Becky, I am sorry that I didn't read this soonerJacque, Gabby Jack Ranch, Sat Apr 2 12:47am
    but I am glad to read that she is awful for her and for you and the new family too! I would still try to get the vet to give a mild sedative that she can take if she needs to for the first ... more
    • Thanks, Jacque! — Becky @ Doodle Cottage, Sat Apr 2 2:16am
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