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Shipping crates
Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:04pm

Hey, in case you have some pups to ship and haven't done it in a while...
the airlines are NOT accepting crates that are held together (top to bottom) with LATCHES. They must have nuts and bolts attaching the 2 halves. And no plastic doors. The manufacturers are still labling everything "airline approved" even though they know it is not. My local Petsmart had only two crates in the entire store that were nuts and bolted... the rest were latched.
To be honest, I think this is a GOOD change. I always duct taped over the latches when shipping because of their tendency to pop open. I just wish the other type crates were more readily available in stores, rather than through catalogs. AND manufacturers should stop using packaging with false statements!

    • Re: Shipping crateslynne, Wed Nov 30 7:20am
      Thanks Sherry, There is nothing worse than driving two plus hours to the airport and then finding out that "something" doesn't meet requirements. I read everything carefully but had the wrong kind of ... more
    • Thanks.Andee -, Sun Aug 28 11:52am
      Some of the latch crates have extra whole in them, so that you can bolt them or use those plastic ties. I wonder if those are still accepted. Andee
      • Re: Thanks.Sherry, Sun Aug 28 12:04pm
        According to Delta, they are if BOLTED. They don't mention ties, but that would work well (in my opinion.)
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