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Still nothing
Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:33pm

I thought I posted this yesterday, but I must have just "previewed message" and gone on from there.

Sunday will mark 4 weeks since Cotton (and Peri) got lost. By now, Cotton would have had the pups... they were due around the 12th. The weather was nice up until Tuesday and then it got rainy with downpours yesterday. I have had visions of Cotton in a mudhole, trying to keep those little blond babies warm and dry. Sometimes I imagine her inside a barn or shed, at least out of the weather. Of course, my HOPE is someone has managed to entice her into a house where she is warm and getting food on a regular basis. I try not to think that she is lying dead alongside a road or in the woods somewhere... but that, of course, is a real (maybe the only real) possibility. I don't know how else to explain her and Peri being separated and Cotton not being seen by anyone again. I want the pups, of course, but my tears are for Cotton. Every day it is harder to believe... even think I'll ever see her again.

  • Prayers and good thoughts neededSherry, Mon Sep 19 11:28am
    Last night, the man who does my yard work left right when it got dark and did not close one of the gates. An hour or so later, I let Keogh, Di, Cotton, Peri and two puppies out. I did not see the... more
    • Still nothing — Sherry, Fri Oct 14 1:33pm
      • I've been thinking about youMaureen, Sun Oct 16 12:55am
        I guess you have probably contacted area vets in case someone had an unexpected litter of puppies, right? I found myself hoping this might be the case over the worst possible scenario. I'm so sorry.
        • flyers, adsSherry, Sun Oct 16 11:59am
          I've put a small fortune into mailing new flyers every week to all the area... and out of area... vets, groomers, shelters, rescues, etc. The last one had a photo of Cotton just before her 2009... more
      • Sherry, I am so heartbroken for you... (nm)Jacque, Gabby Jack Ranch, Sat Oct 15 1:34am
    • Anything new Sherry? I'm still praying for CottonDiane - Delaware Valley Labradoodles, Thu Oct 6 9:28pm
      and hope you find her soon...
      • No, nothingSherry, Thu Oct 6 11:13pm
        The pups are due withing the week, probably between the 12th and 15th. She has large litters so she's probably really feeling it. Haven't heard anything except a couple reports I knew were wrong... more
    • PeriSherry, Sat Oct 1 11:16am
      A call first thing this morning from a lady who had just seen Peri (the 11 month old puppy) in the same area as she was seen yesterday. No sign of Cotton. I took food up there last night and today... more
      • I just read this (I responded below first) andJacque, Gabby Jack Ranch, Sun Oct 2 2:41pm
        I am sick about this man. I am just so sorry for your agony...and I will continue to pray that Cotton is alright and returns home to you soon.
      • I HAVE PERI!Sherry, Sat Oct 1 7:37pm
        Larry's daughter called about a half hour ago and said Peri kept coming into the house but would bolt back outside before she could close the door. So I grabbed Diamond (Peri's mom) and went over... more
    • Sherry, have you found your dogs? (nm)Cris, Thu Sep 29 8:47am
      • still missing 9/30Sherry, Fri Sep 30 4:13pm
        The last time anyone saw them was last Saturday, the 24th. This morning a guy called me and said he'd seen the puppy running up the road toward his daughter's house. That is the area where they were... more
        • I just get tears in my eyes and pain in myJacque, Gabby Jack Ranch, Sat Oct 1 2:15am
          heart when I think about this. I pray that they are safe, together, and found soon. Bless your heart...this must be horrifying.
    • Still missingSherry, Wed Sep 21 10:05am
      Nothing has changed here except I'm so depressed I can hardly breathe. There has been no sight of them. Cotton is pregnant and due in less than 4 weeks. I just don't understand why she hasn't managed ... more
    • PrayersTrysh/French Quarter Labradoodles, Tue Sep 20 9:17am
      Prayers being sent your way. I know you must be frantic. Please keep us posted. Trysh
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