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Sherry, I am so heartbroken for you... (nm)
Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:34am

  • Still nothingSherry, Fri Oct 14 1:33pm
    I thought I posted this yesterday, but I must have just "previewed message" and gone on from there. Sunday will mark 4 weeks since Cotton (and Peri) got lost. By now, Cotton would have had the... more
    • I've been thinking about youMaureen, Sun Oct 16 12:55am
      I guess you have probably contacted area vets in case someone had an unexpected litter of puppies, right? I found myself hoping this might be the case over the worst possible scenario. I'm so sorry.
      • flyers, adsSherry, Sun Oct 16 11:59am
        I've put a small fortune into mailing new flyers every week to all the area... and out of area... vets, groomers, shelters, rescues, etc. The last one had a photo of Cotton just before her 2009... more
    • Sherry, I am so heartbroken for you... (nm) — Jacque, Gabby Jack Ranch, Sat Oct 15 1:34am
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