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flyers, ads
Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:59am

I've put a small fortune into mailing new flyers every week to all the area... and out of area... vets, groomers, shelters, rescues, etc. The last one had a photo of Cotton just before her 2009 litter as well as pictures of the newborn pups (she has only blond and a "mess" of them!) and the pups with her at 3 weeks and by themselves at 4-6 weeks. Just in case she's found someone to take her in. I update my on line ads... craigslist, ebayclassifieds, etc... every couple of days. This week I think I might mail flyers to all the churches in the area... just in case any of them are willing to tell their parishioners about it.

The more I think about the way I got Peri back, the more convinced I am that they were separated because of an accident that Cotton did not survive. If that is the case, so be it. It's the not knowing that is so awful

  • I've been thinking about youMaureen, Sun Oct 16 12:55am
    I guess you have probably contacted area vets in case someone had an unexpected litter of puppies, right? I found myself hoping this might be the case over the worst possible scenario. I'm so sorry.
    • flyers, ads — Sherry, Sun Oct 16 11:59am
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