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Re: Shipping crates
Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:20am

Thanks Sherry, There is nothing worse than driving two plus hours to the airport and then finding out that "something" doesn't meet requirements. I read everything carefully but had the wrong kind of attachment for a watering container. The flight employee was very nice a found the right kind under one of the counters. I want strict regulations to protect our pups and I dont ship except on non stop flights, but the crate manufacturers and airlines need to get together.

  • Shipping cratesSherry, Mon Aug 22 1:04pm
    Hey, in case you have some pups to ship and haven't done it in a while... the airlines are NOT accepting crates that are held together (top to bottom) with LATCHES. They must have nuts and bolts... more
    • Re: Shipping crates — lynne, Wed Nov 30 7:20am
    • Thanks.Andee -, Sun Aug 28 11:52am
      Some of the latch crates have extra whole in them, so that you can bolt them or use those plastic ties. I wonder if those are still accepted. Andee
      • Re: Thanks.Sherry, Sun Aug 28 12:04pm
        According to Delta, they are if BOLTED. They don't mention ties, but that would work well (in my opinion.)
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