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Andee -
I find males to be MORE mellow than females most of the time
Wed Feb 1, 2012 1:46pm

First, like the other posts mention, there really is no difference in temperament once the puppy is desexed. I send out my pups already altered, so all pets that I sell are desexed. Each puppy is a little different, but there isn't any generalization that I can make about personality because of gender. They all want to bond with humans.

Even in my breeding dogs, there is no real difference in temperament... I have a male that is a bit controlling (over my other dogs), but I also have had females that were controlling and the Alpha pack member.
Females are called bitches after all, I never understand why anyone would think that a female would be a "sweeter" family dog, or less likely to run.

But, people come with pre-set notions based on their past. Before I was a breeder, I would have always looked for a desexed male. Now, that I have known so many dogs, altered and unaltered, I would not base my preference on gender, though I would likely still lean to the males, I've know such great male dogs...


  • male puppy vs female puppyLynne Porter-Whitmire, Tue Nov 29 3:03pm
    As a breeder, I find that most of my families request a female over a male at least 75% of the time. Although I am able to convince most of my new owners that the boys are super sweet, loving, loyal... more
    • I find males to be MORE mellow than females most of the time — Andee -, Wed Feb 1 1:46pm
    • Re: male puppy vs female puppySherry, Wed Nov 30 11:07am
      I simply tell people that female dogs are like female anything... they ALWAYS have an agenda. While male dogs are like male anything. It seems to get the point across without having to get into... more
      • HOWEVERSherry, Wed Nov 30 11:09am
        I forgot to say, there ARE breeds where there are real differences between the genders when it comes to personality traits. It's helpful to know what the breed was created to do in the first place.
    • male vs femaleDeb, Wed Nov 30 12:29am
      Here is a repost of the Male vs Female article that was written by a poodle breeder. Sorry it is late and I can't remember her name. When I have people ask about the difference this is what I send... more
    • Re: male puppy vs female puppylynne, Tue Nov 29 3:11pm
      I found the achive discussion on female vs male. Any additional comments would be helpful.
      • female vs malelynne, Wed Nov 30 7:02am
        This was so very helpful. I'm saving it to my "dog" file. Thanks.
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