Sat May 26, 2012 1:54am

Thought y'all might like to know how things are going. It was really rough for 5-6 days... every time I looked in on Peri and the pup, I expected to find the baby dead. But it seems like the day she turned a week old, she decided she was going to live. She about doubled in size in maybe 48 hours and has turned into a fat, quiet, good looking kid. She's sitting up and even trying to walk, but since she's not yet 2 weeks, she can't quite make it. Her mom still picks her up from time to time and the pup never makes a peep. Peri is going to be very disappointed in a few more days when she no longer fits in her mouth! Her eyes should be opening soon and I'm looking forward to learning what kind of pup she is really going to be.

  • Mom carrying pups aroundSherry, Wed May 16 3:55pm
    Anyone have any ideas about how I can stop a first time mama from picking her pup (just one) up in her mouth EVERY time she (the mom) gets up? And she doesn't pout her down right away after she gets... more
    • Update — Sherry, Sat May 26 1:54am
      • carrying puplynne, Sun May 27 7:09am
        So glad things have taken a tun for the better. Be aware that a singleton pup can sometimes have behavioral traits that are different from other dogs. If you have other puppies that this one can... more
    • Thanks! (Long story)Sherry, Thu May 17 4:54pm
      Thanks for the advice. It is reassuring. To make a long story short... this is her first litter and she never went into labor (no pushing.) In fact, she didn't give any of the normal signs...... more
      • wow, it all sounds so sad!Maureen - Labradoodle Ranch, Fri May 18 4:53pm
        No wonder she carries her baby. Are you saying the mom is one of the 2 that you lost last fall? I take it you never saw the pregnant girl again? I still ache when I remember what you went thru with... more
    • Re: Mom carrying pups arounddeb, Thu May 17 7:26am
      sounds like she is unsure about the pups safety. Where is her bed? are there other dogs around? Try setting her bed up like a cave, also try and keep the other dogs away from her. It won't hurt the... more
    • is the puppy small or anything wrong with it?Debbie-FernRidge Labradoodles, Thu May 17 12:30am
      sometimes mama's of any breed try to separate the weak puppy from the strong--hate to say this--and hoping it's not the case---be sure to watch if it's nursing and gaining weight--then it's ok--if... more
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