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Puppy update
Mon Jun 4, 2012 2:04pm

Esther was 3 weeks old yesterday and is close to being "normal" for her age. She is walking around, although still a little unsteady on her feet, and is talking. She has just started making some time/play demands on her mom but is a "good" (ie: quiet) pup when left alone. Her eyes didn't open until she was 18 days old which rather reinforces my thought that the whole problem could have been prematurity... the pups were formed and had hair, but their sucking reflex was bad and Esther has been a little slow in "growing up." (Her mom was bred 2 days in a row, very early in her cycle... when I took her in for her ultrasound at 34 days, I didn't think she was pregnant and neither did the vets until the blips showed up on the screen. The pups were very small then. Labor, what there was of it, was 61 days from the first breeding, but.... I'm still thinking actual conception didn't happen for 5-7 days after the breedings.) Esther is interested in the other dogs (besides her mom) who she gets visits from when Peri is outside and isn't afraid of them. Emy's litter of 9 is 3 weeks older to the day and I plan on integrating Esther with them eventually. Since I keep pups to a minimum of 12 weeks, she'll be well socialized and understand about being a dog even though she's the only survivor in her litter. She is not for sale at this time... although the people who had first pick in that litter are hoping she'll continue to grow and develop normally and the vet and I eventually will give her a clean bill of health. She is a beautiful puppy, very photogenic.
I appreciate the information and good will from everyone here.

    • photo of Esther!Sherry, Wed Jun 6 5:02pm
      • Re: photo of Esther!deb, Thu Jun 7 12:31am
        Oh what a asweet baby, and she is growing
        • Re: photo of Esther!Sherry, Thu Jun 7 11:43am
          She IS growing... I wouldn't feel safe trying to get a photo of her now while holding her up with one hand!
    • Re: Puppy updatedeb, Tue Jun 5 8:38am
      i would love to see a picture of Esther i have almost the same here but my priscilla is almost 7 weeks old and still very tiny, she is beginning to rule to roost here. she has not been with her... more
      • photoSherry, Tue Jun 5 9:15am
        Deb, I don't remember how to post pix on these forums. If you want to send me your email address, I'll send you a picture I took the day her eyes opened. Esther is NOT tiny. Being the only pup, and... more
        • Re: photodeb, Wed Jun 6 12:33am
          would love to see a pic of her, i don't know how to od the pics ehre either
          • Re: photoSherry, Wed Jun 6 4:55pm
            I use photobucket. I;ll try one of their urls and see if it works.
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