Health testing is not about a vet check up
Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:00am

Health testing means seeing specialty vets who can perform the following tests:
OFA (Hips, Elbows & Patella for conformation)
PennHip (an additional Hip evaluation for laxity)
PRA (Eye disease)
vWD (Blood disorder)
CERF (Eye exam)
Cardiac (Heart)
Thyroid (Tgaa, T3, T4, Free T)

You will also need to provide:
Proof of ownership and rights to breed the bitch in question. This means that the breeder who sold you this bitch would need to have signed something giving you permission to breed.
A Pedigree signed by the original breeder that lists AKC numbers so that you can insure the male is not related.

Most stud owners are going to also require you to have a means of marketing the puppies, a sales contract, a warranty as well as a letter from the vet that will perform the well puppy care and ES&N. They are going to want to know your philosophy on breeding and raising puppies, what your girl's strengths and weaknesses are, what you hope to achieve in the breeding.

  • Re: Looking for mini goldendoodle studkimzenarolla, Tue Jun 12 9:25pm
    I talked to my vet about having a litter and he said she was very healthy. I will get whatever tests are necessary.
    • You only want to breed with dogs that pass hip/eye/genetic Andee -, Tue Aug 14 11:28am
      tests. AND you also need to know your dog's pedigree and be familiar with health issues that might be present in the dog's line. That is what makes a dog a "breeding dog." Generally speaking you have ... more
    • Health testing is not about a vet check up — Kendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodle, Wed Jun 13 8:00am
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