Andee -
You only want to breed with dogs that pass hip/eye/genetic
Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:28am

tests. AND you also need to know your dog's pedigree and be familiar with health issues that might be present in the dog's line. That is what makes a dog a "breeding dog."

Generally speaking you have to buy a breeding dog from a breeder, they would have selected a dog that they felt was breeder material. AND then you still have to do all the hip and eye tests.

They you will be able to find a dog to breed with that does not share any genetic "problems" with your dog. And that is not related to your dog (that is why everyone purchasing a pet should care about getting some sort of pedigree, otherwise you are very likely supporting and reproducing dogs that are going to bring down the entire breed. As happened to Golden Retrievers with their cancer and backyard breeders who just willie-nilly put two dogs together and sell the pups, unaltered, for cheap...

Your vet should be aware of the OFA hip tests
and/or Penn Hip test and the CERF eye exam.
There are other breed specific genetic tests that you would want to test for as well.
You certainly wouldn't want to put to dogs together and produce a litter of dogs with a disease that you could have avoided by a simple genetic test.

CERF is the cheapest test and can detect if your dog has genetic eye issues. You could start there, then OFA prelim for hips. Hips are very important in goldens...

good luck,

  • Re: Looking for mini goldendoodle studkimzenarolla, Tue Jun 12 9:25pm
    I talked to my vet about having a litter and he said she was very healthy. I will get whatever tests are necessary.
    • You only want to breed with dogs that pass hip/eye/genetic — Andee -, Tue Aug 14 11:28am
    • Health testing is not about a vet check upKendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodle, Wed Jun 13 8:00am
      Health testing means seeing specialty vets who can perform the following tests: ONCE IN A LIFETIME OFA (Hips, Elbows & Patella for conformation) PennHip (an additional Hip evaluation for laxity) PRA... more
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