Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:33pm

Here is the complete infusion history as told and posted on the Rutland Manor website.

The Australian Labradoodle has been developed using infusions of four Pure Breeds past the original Labrador Retriever x Standard Poodle.

This means that the term 'authentic' Australian Labradoodle has of necessity changed its definition over time, as each new infusion was done. For instance when the first infusion was done, that of the Irish Water Spaniel, progeny from that time on became 'the authentic Australian Labradoodle' because it was the next stage in the evolution of the new breed.

When the next two infusions were done some time later, that of the American and English Cocker Spaniel, 'the Authentic Australian Labradoodle' was a dog who comprised Labrador Retriever x Standard Poodle parent breeds, plus Irish Water Spaniel, plus American and English Cocker Spaniel - BUT- the pure Cockers were introduced solely for the purpose of reducing size so as to create a miniature version of what was at that time a very large dog. So common sense dictates that seeing as the Cocker infusions were not done in ALL bloodlines, so as to preserve the large Standard size, "some" of the authentic Australian Labradoodles carried the Cocker infusions and others did not. Did that make them any less than authentic Australian Labradoodle? Absolutely not!

Similarly, once the final infusion of the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten was done, using one Irish bloodline for the Miniatures and a different Irish bloodline for the Standards and Mediums, 'the Authentic Australian Labradoodle' in its completion, was the combination of all six pure breeds.

That is the facts....or the facts as they were finally told. Who knows what the "real" facts are. Only Beverly does and for the looks of it even she doesn't seem to know what happened all of the time.

  • Perhaps you can clear up something else :)Linny (not a breeder), Sun Feb 22 1:31am
    Hi Beverley Perhaps you can clear up something else for me :) You've posted on numerous occasions that the only "infusions" used at RM were 2 Irish Water Spaniels, plus the more recent Wheaten... more
    • Infusions — Barbara, Mon Nov 19 10:33pm
    • no offense LinnyKristy, Sun Feb 22 1:32pm
      But there is a fairly civilized conversation going on below, there is no need for your comments to stir things up. If Beverley is posting here answering questions, why would you want to get... more
      • None taken Kristy :)Linny (not a breeder), Sun Feb 22 5:51pm
        Hi Kristy, It seemed a reasonable question to ask, given the current discussion on the use of Cocker Spaniels/Cockerpoos at RM. I also think it's important that the apparent inconsistencies in... more
    • Linny (not a breeder) why interested?Beverley, Sun Feb 22 2:29am
      I believe you are trying to stir up trouble by taking things out of context. Perhaps it has something to do with you having been banned from the RM Chit Chat Page. My website has been transparent for ... more
      • I am a breeder, and had a post with similar questionsHelene (Westwood Labradoodles and Goldendoodles), Mon Feb 23 5:49pm
        ready to go when Linny's appeared. I don't feel it is stirring up trouble to ask a genuine question. Why do old posts by you, read in the their entirety, say that no other breeds besides Lab and... more
      • I didn't know I was banned :)Linny (not a breeder), Sun Feb 22 2:49am
        Hi Beverley I didn't realise I was banned, but thanks for letting me know :) I don't see why you would think I was trying to stir up trouble by asking a simple question. If you choose to change the... more
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