Thu Apr 4, 2013 2:12pm

Our family will pray for cotton and the family.....keep your thoughts positive.....we had a simular situation and the puppy was returned God Bless

  • Lost dogSherry, Sat Nov 26 11:33am
    A Whoodle pup I placed early this year is lost near Hughesville PA (close to Williamsport PA.) He is a year old, 35 pounds, black and tan neutered male who slipped his collar yesterday. His name is... more
    • Cotton —, Thu Apr 4 2:12pm
    • So sorry about Cotton. Cris, Sun Nov 27 9:53pm
      My heart aches for you and the uncertainty you still face. I hope she is safe, warm, fed, and had a safe delivery.
      • Re: So sorry about Cotton. Sherry, Sun Nov 27 10:09pm
        Thanks, Cris. A much rawer feeling now is for Chompers, the young dog lost in PA. His home is 3 hours from where he is lost, so there is absolutely nothing familiar for him. There has to be a better... more
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