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Maybe it's not that simple!
Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:20pm

Damon rolled his eyes and then looked back at the girl. He smiled cooly and considered ignoring her. He was pretty bored though, now, so he decided to at least reply. He gave her another slightly frosty smile, "I suppose that it is... Yes.". He looked round the room, he didn't really expect the girl to continue, this was as far as anyone ever got really, when trying to have abcincersation with him. Unless it was him who wanted to talk, of course. He looked round the room for his cousin, he's seen her sulking in various corners of the school, sleeping in a few trees, whatever. He'd heard she'd had a fight with her equally strange friend. He couldn't even be bothered to remenr her name at that moment. He looked back at the girl who had quite rudely disturbed his thoughts. He vaguely recognised her because she was in his year. He couldn't remember her house though. Quesne, maybe, "I'm Damon," he said quitely. He still hadn't broken the habit of speaking quietly. Many people had to get him to repeat what he'd said, which Damon thought wad very annoying.

  • So choose a different oneAbigail Greene, Mon Jun 21 8:22pm
    The lunch room was quite full. Each table only seemed to have one seat open each, and most of the people were already involved in their own conversations. She didn't want to be like that Ophelia... more
    • Maybe it's not that simple! — Damon, Tue Jun 22 3:20pm
      • Well maybe it should beAbigail Greene, Tue Jun 22 8:22pm
        Abby took a bite of her food, missing half of his confirmation of it being busy. He was quiet and moody, she thought. Maybe he was like Ophelia only in a goth sort of way. She started to think... more
        • Where would be the fun in that, though?Damon, Wed Jun 23 10:23am
          He smiled again. The girl - Abby - was surprised that he had introduced himself. Strange... He laughed quietly under his breath. "Are you sure, what if you were wrong? Maybe it's not a good idea to... more
          • "Quense," Abby replied covering her mouth as she finished a bite. She swallowed and looked at the boy. He appeared utterly depressing in just one glance into nowhere at all. At least he knew how to... more
            • Exactly my point!!! :DDamon, Thu Jun 24 11:35am
              Damon looked up from the patch of table that he was staring at, "England..." He began, "London." He actually lived outside London in some creepy dark old house that had several ghosts in various... more
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