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Where would be the fun in that, though?
Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:23am

He smiled again. The girl - Abby - was surprised that he had introduced himself. Strange... He laughed quietly under his breath. "Are you sure, what if you were wrong? Maybe it's not a good idea to bet your life." he then realised she wasn't really betting her life, he'd seen his dad make a few people actually bet their lives, using some sort of curse. Damon hadn't actually been meant to see that..."You are right though, yes.". Why is a raven like a writing desk...? He thought to himself, what a strange question, and then he stopped thinking about it: because he realised he was quoting a muggle book. Something his father would not approve of. He'd had a letter from his father a few days ago... It was so cold and uncaring compared to the one he'd got from Uncle Daniel and Auntie May the day before. He almost felt jealous of Willow having such caring parents. She cleary didn't appeciate them at all. "What is your house?" He asked, maybe Abby had already said. He couldn't remember.

  • Well maybe it should beAbigail Greene, Tue Jun 22 8:22pm
    Abby took a bite of her food, missing half of his confirmation of it being busy. He was quiet and moody, she thought. Maybe he was like Ophelia only in a goth sort of way. She started to think... more
    • Where would be the fun in that, though? — Damon, Wed Jun 23 10:23am
      • "Quense," Abby replied covering her mouth as she finished a bite. She swallowed and looked at the boy. He appeared utterly depressing in just one glance into nowhere at all. At least he knew how to... more
        • Exactly my point!!! :DDamon, Thu Jun 24 11:35am
          Damon looked up from the patch of table that he was staring at, "England..." He began, "London." He actually lived outside London in some creepy dark old house that had several ghosts in various... more
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