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Hm. I see your point. Where would the fun in friends be?
Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:56pm

"Quense," Abby replied covering her mouth as she finished a bite. She swallowed and looked at the boy. He appeared utterly depressing in just one glance into nowhere at all.

At least he knew how to have a two way conversation. It was a start. Abby had an idea bubble up inside of her. One that made her positively giddy.

This kid was going to be her project. Maybe she could get him to smile. Like... a real smile. Not one of those creepy "I'm emo and I know it" smiles.

"So," she said, this new idea in mind. "Where are you from anyway? You don't really sound American."

  • Where would be the fun in that, though?Damon, Wed Jun 23 10:23am
    He smiled again. The girl - Abby - was surprised that he had introduced himself. Strange... He laughed quietly under his breath. "Are you sure, what if you were wrong? Maybe it's not a good idea to... more
    • Hm. I see your point. Where would the fun in friends be? — Abby, Wed Jun 23 11:56pm
      • Exactly my point!!! :DDamon, Thu Jun 24 11:35am
        Damon looked up from the patch of table that he was staring at, "England..." He began, "London." He actually lived outside London in some creepy dark old house that had several ghosts in various... more
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