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Exactly my point!!! :D
Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:35am

Damon looked up from the patch of table that he was staring at, "England..." He began, "London." He actually lived outside London in some creepy dark old house that had several ghosts in various corners of it. Not that it really mattered, Damon was rarely at home and his primary school had<\i> been in London. Damon didn't like London, his school had been in one of the... Less priveliged parts of the city. At least there'd been loads to draw though. Homeless people for example. "And you?" Damon asked finally, "Where are you from, I mean?" The conversation really was boring him. Mind you, lots of things made Damon
bored so it didn't really matter. Of all the people he'd spoken to, this girl wad the most annoying. He couldn't scare her just by giving her a creepy
smile like he could with almost everyone else. She wasn't even like Gilly, who blushed everytime Damon even looked his way. Gilly was a very strange boy... Damon shifted on the bench and felt something dig into his leg. He dug into his pocket, thinking it was his wand, but it was a pencil. His wand was upstairs is his robe pocket, Damon remembered.

  • "Quense," Abby replied covering her mouth as she finished a bite. She swallowed and looked at the boy. He appeared utterly depressing in just one glance into nowhere at all. At least he knew how to... more
    • Exactly my point!!! :D — Damon, Thu Jun 24 11:35am
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