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Willow and Damon Clay and Wren Adams
So this is what hangovers are like.
Fri Jul 9, 2010 10:36am

Willow had sent the letter to Evelyn and then gone back to Ninth to throw up some more and brush her teeth. When she was confident that she wouldn't throw up again she went to Backwoods Court for something to eat. Maybe it would make her feel better.
She'd borrowed someone's hoodie and sunglasses. She looked pretty bizarre but no one recognised her with the hood pulled up and the sunglasses stopped her eyes hurting so much.
Her head hurt so much. And if the party got broken up last night, she was dead. Dead as a doornail. The Robeless would kill her.
Or maybe Evelyn would get there first.

She was soon joined by Damon.
"Still not made any friends?" Willow snapped at him.
"Yeah, he has!" Damon looked up and saw Wren sitting down next to him, "I'm his friend." Damon wouldn't really count her as a friend, but she kept speaking to him. She'd been shy at first but once she got talking she just wouldn't stop.
Willow looked at Wren and suddenly thought of vampires. She was probably some vampire wannabe... or were they called goths? Willow shrugged and looked as someone else sat down on the table.
She was half hoping that it wasn't Evelyn.

    • You'll have to describe it to meEvelyn Moorlaker, Fri Jul 9 11:27am
      Evelyn spotted Willow from across the court. She wasn't very hard to see, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses in amongst the huge mass of robes. As Evelyn watched, Willow was joined by Damon and Wren,... more
      • -sighs-At least one of us stayed away from the spiked punch.Willow, Damon and Wren, Fri Jul 9 3:48pm
        Willow couldn't cope with this. The noise of everyone talking in Backwoods Court splitting through her head. And now Evelyn was crying. Damn. "No. No, no, no, no. I was the bad friend-" Willow paused ... more
        • "No. No, no, no, no. I was the bad friend- I snogged your boyfriend. You were there, right? I was pissed." Evelyn was about to say, "I was there," but Wren answered for her. She almost made a comment ... more
          • It's away with the fairies.Willow, Damon and Wren, Fri Jul 9 5:35pm
            Willow didn't answer Evelyn's question. Maybe she did like Dominic, maybe she didn't. No one cared. "Your joking right? Everyone saw me snogging him? I guess I was pretty drunk," The hangover she now ... more
            • That's where I like to beEvelyn, Fri Jul 9 6:17pm
              "Your joking right? Everyone saw me snogging him? I guess I was pretty drunk." Evelyn smiled as Willow ordered water. "Yep, I think so. Don't worry about it though; I think he enjoyed it." She... more
              • Me too.Willow, Damon and Wren, Fri Jul 9 6:57pm
                Wren found it quite sad that Damon thought she was a freak, but there wasn't really much she could do about it. She liked how polite he was, and he was a little reserved as well. Willow grimaced.... more
                • Away from thoughts...Evelyn, Fri Jul 9 7:36pm
                  "Never let me go near any form of alcohol, ever again. Promise." Evelyn grinned as Willow groaned and leaned her head on the table. She half hoped that Willow would say she wouldn't ever go out with... more
                  • Not really.Willow, Damon and Wren, Sat Jul 10 4:37am
                    Willow sat up quickly and widened her eyes behind her sunglasses. Maybe Damon would tell her everything about his Dad' job; and then kill them all. Overractive imagination. Damon frowned and wondered ... more
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