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Willow, Damon and Wren
Not really.
Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:37am

Willow sat up quickly and widened her eyes behind her sunglasses. Maybe Damon would tell her everything about his Dad' job; and then kill them all.
Overractive imagination.

Damon frowned and wondered what to say. He didn't have to tell Evelyn everything about them. Come to think of it; he didn't have to say anything...
"My Dad's job is to ruin people's lives and my mum... She's just there."
Willow raised her eyebrows. It was a pretty good summary of Damon's parents. He just forgotten to mention that Drake only ruined muggle born and half blood's lifes.
"So what about yours? Wren?" Damon asked quickly.
"They're both scientists.". She said quickly, also trying to change the subject. What Damon had said really made her feel quite awkward.

  • Away from thoughts...Evelyn, Fri Jul 9 7:36pm
    "Never let me go near any form of alcohol, ever again. Promise." Evelyn grinned as Willow groaned and leaned her head on the table. She half hoped that Willow would say she wouldn't ever go out with... more
    • Not really. — Willow, Damon and Wren, Sat Jul 10 4:37am
      • Oh well...Evelyn, Sat Jul 10 6:18pm
        Evelyn bit her lip. She wished she hadn't opened her big gob now. Opening her mouth seemed to have grave consequences for Evelyn, but she never seemed to learn. Damon's answer was... cryptic at the... more
        • We can live in hope.Willow, Damon and Wren, Sat Jul 10 6:51pm
          Wren shrugged. She'd never really asked much about their jobs, "My dad's a geologist and my mum works in genetics." Wren had thought it was pretty cool when sh'e found out she had powers. It meant... more
          • We can...Evelyn, Sun Jul 11 3:32pm
            Evelyn was glad that Wren answered her pretty much straight away. She nodded as Wren told Evelyn about her parents, and said, "Cool. Genetics. Cool." She couldn't really think of anything else to... more
            • ... stroke turtles.Willow, Damon and Wren, Sun Jul 11 3:52pm
              Willow shrugged, her parents probably wanted her to. They were suddenly sending her heaps of owls. Willow got the feeling they were actually trying to be parents and were actually trying to show they ... more
              • Or we could not...Evelyn, Sun Jul 11 4:03pm
                "They probably want me to." Evelyn nodded, sighed and stared at the table. Her parents would definitely want Evelyn to go home, but did Evelyn? She wanted to see Tom, more than anything else in the... more
                • ... head bang.Willow, Sun Jul 11 4:17pm
                  "He just can't accept that my parents like him better than me. It's really quite obvious," Willow glared at the back of Damon's dark head and was about to carry on when Damon started speaking again.... more
                  • We could definitely head bang...Evelyn, Mon Jul 12 10:02am
                    "He just can't accept that my parents like him better than me. It's really quite obvious." Evelyn looked at Damon and then back at Willow. For some reason, this didn't strike Evelyn as particularly... more
                    • ... or feed goats.Willow, Damon and Wren, Mon Jul 12 10:11am
                      Damon smirked, "Willow thought she was a rebel." Willow glared at him, "I did not ," she glare at him again, suddenly realising how much more relaxed she was around Damon than she had been at the... more
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